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#ThinkingCafe on DALnet

Channel Constitution
Provisional Rules
The AOps
Conversation Starters
Grievance Procedure

The purpose of this channel (on DALnet, IRC) is and always shall be to create a pleasant and civil forum for debate, discussion, or social chat, free from hostility, insults, harassment, and deliberate disruption. All topics are on-topic as long as the rules are followed, and all well-behaved visitors are welcome.

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Help us maintain a pleasant environment. Pretend this is an offline meeting at a public, upscale restaurant and act accordingly. All topics are on-topic but please be civil and courteous to both individuals and groups of people. Enjoy your stay at #ThinkingCafe!

Founder: Godlessheathen
SOps: Baimei, goliath_cobalt , jastity, Merope

AOps: Arken, Dark_Core, DreamsTwice, jbc, JJA, KonKan, kudayta, mmcat, Riley, StHeathen, udel-anti-mines, wubwub

For complaints or questions, the Disciplinary Committee may be reached at See our Grievances Procedure for more information.
For questions or comments about just this website, please contact the founder.

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