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Provisional Rules of #ThinkingCafe

Provisional Rules are rules voted on by the majority of aops voting, as opposed to the Constitutional rules which this channel was founded upon and which are harder to change. When a provisional rule is mostly a more specific interpretation of a Constitutional rule, that Constitutional rule will also appear but in red. If you are unclear on whether or not you can do something, simply ask an aop. If you have a complaint, please read our page regarding the Grievance Procedure.

The purpose of this channel is and always shall be to create a pleasant and civil forum for debate, discussion, or social chat, free from hostility, insults, harassment, and deliberate disruption. Friendly teasing is okay, as long as no one is getting upset.

We shall not engage in viewpoint discrimination, but neither will we tolerate speech or behavior that violates any other Constitutional rule.

We will not allow any speech or behavior that would be considered antisocial, uncivil, discourteous, or juvenile were it to be conducted offline during a meeting in a public, upscale restaurant. (Ex. No dead baby jokes, or surprise urls posted just to gross people out.) This channel is only for people who already know how to behave in public. 3a. Exceptions can be made for some degree of “foul” language, to be determined by the Provisional rules.

We will make everyone welcome regardless of sex, race, ethnicity, religion or atheism, or sexual orientation. Therefore, no harassment or insults against groups of people based upon these factors are allowed, although criticism and debate of religion itself, including beliefs and practices, is still allowed.

Since we do not tolerate any behavior that would not be tolerated offline, we will not tolerate persistent harassing or threatening behavior in private messages. This channel is to be a refuge from people that would do such things. AOps must also be aware of the possibility of false or incorrect claims. If AOps are uncertain of the facts, we ask that visitors please use /ignore but feel free to let us know what’s happening in case others later complain about the same person.