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#ThinkingCafe Grievance Procedure

We hope that everyone has a good time at #ThinkingCafe, but in the event that you have a complaint about an aop, this page explains what you can do about it. Rule 12 of our channel Constitution states,

"The channel must have a specific grievance procedure which must include the following. A 3-person disciplinary committee is to be elected by a majority vote of the AOps. Visitors may go to this committee for redress of grievances. If the committee wants to undo an AOpís ban, it must ask the AOp to remove it himself or herself first. All AOps must comply with the recommendations of the disciplinary committee. In the event that an AOp does not comply, the disciplinary committee may take the issue to the rest of the AOps and the AOps will vote on what measures to take, depending on the severity of the infraction."
So, in addition to trying to work it out (privately) with the aop in question, you also have the option of complaining to the Disciplinary Committee. You may contact all members of the Committee by sending an email to The Committee will always give you a response, one way or the other.

We do ask, however, that you please refrain from asking the aops to do anything contrary to the Constitution, and that you make your complaints in private messages or emails. We would like the channel to remain a pleasant atmosphere for visitors and therefore want to avoid arguments and bickering in open channel. Please also understand that since we encourage aops to work things out behind the scenes, if something unfair does happen in channel, don't expect to see a response in open channel by the other aops. You may, however, politely request that the Disciplinary Committee notify you concerning any decisions that are made regarding your complaint.