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#ThinkingCafe Constitution

Preamble: This is a list of Constitutional rules that are difficult to change and only changeable via rule 11. Elsewhere we will also have Provisional rules that can be changed by a majority vote of the AOps. This document contains only the Constitutional rules. The purpose of the Constitution is to preserve the original vision and purpose of the channel. (Note: Most ordinary visitors would only be interested in the first 5, which can be summarized thusly for the purpose of scripts: All well-behaved persons are welcome. Help us maintain a pleasant environment. Imagine that you are attending an offline meeting at a public, upscale restaurant and act accordingly. All topics are on-topic but please be civil and courteous to both individuals and groups of people.)

  1. The purpose of this channel is and always shall be to create a pleasant and civil forum for debate, discussion, or social chat, free from hostility, insults, harassment, and deliberate disruption. Friendly teasing is okay, as long as no one is getting upset.
  2. We shall not engage in viewpoint discrimination, but neither will we tolerate speech or behavior that violates any other Constitutional rule.
  3. We will not allow any speech or behavior that would be considered antisocial, uncivil, discourteous, or juvenile were it to be conducted offline during a meeting in a public, upscale restaurant. (Ex. No dead baby jokes, or surprise urls posted just to gross people out.) This channel is only for people who already know how to behave in public. 3a. Exceptions can be made for some degree of “foul” language, to be determined by the Provisional rules.
  4. We will make everyone welcome regardless of sex, race, ethnicity, religion or atheism, or sexual orientation. Therefore, no harassment or insults against groups of people based upon these factors are allowed, although criticism and debate of religion itself, including beliefs and practices, is still allowed.
  5. Since we do not tolerate any behavior that would not be tolerated offline, we will not tolerate persistent harassing or threatening behavior in private messages. This channel is to be a refuge from people that would do such things. AOps must also be aware of the possibility of false or incorrect claims. If AOps are uncertain of the facts, we ask that visitors please use /ignore but feel free to let us know what’s happening in case others later complain about the same person.
  6. The rest of these rules are mostly only relevant to AOps, SOps and the Founder…

  7. There shall be no absolute blanket bans on permanent akicks. Rather, whether or not someone deserves a permanent akick will be relative to individual circumstances and history, and not based upon ideological dogma.
  8. The Founder is responsible for reporting all relevant information about akicks (after the initial founding, these will be determined by majority vote of the AOps who choose to vote), including nick(s), IP addresses, and the nature of the offense.
  9. The Founder may only veto a vote to AOp someone IF the person has failed a probationary period of temp op status. This is the only automatic founder veto and all others must follow rule 9. The Founder may not AOp someone without a majority vote except for the original founding AOps.
  10. Excepting rule 8, the Founder may only veto a decision by the majority of the AOps in rare and extreme circumstances and must provide reasonable justification for doing so. Any veto by the Founder may be overridden by a 2/3rds majority vote of the AOps and SOps. The Founder is forbidden from vetoing any veto override. Any attempt to do so shall be considered an unconstitutional channel takeover.
  11. The Founder must have at least 2 SOps, and they may be appointed by the Founder.
  12. Changes to the Constitution may only happen by a 2/3rd majority vote of all AOps voting, plus a 2/3rd majority of all Founder and SOps voting. These particular elections shall be one month long.
  13. The channel must have a specific grievance procedure which must include the following. A 3-person disciplinary committee is to be elected by a majority vote of the AOps. Visitors may go to this committee for redress of grievances. If the committee wants to undo an AOp’s ban, it must ask the AOp to remove it himself or herself first. All AOps must comply with the recommendations of the disciplinary committee. In the event that an AOp does not comply, the disciplinary committee may take the issue to the rest of the AOps and the AOps will vote on what measures to take, depending on the severity of the infraction.
  14. Elections: All other decisions not covered by the Constitution are to be decided upon by majority vote of the AOps (including the SOps and founder) who choose to vote. At the Founders discretion, attempts to modify proposals to avoid alienating AOps in the minority (a la Quaker meeting style) is both allowed and encouraged as long as the majority still approves the final version. Elections shall be 2 weeks long, ensuring that everyone who wants to vote has a reasonable time in which to vote.
  15. The Founder, with the support of 2/3rds of the SOps, can propose that an AOp be stripped of AOp status. The decision has to be ratified by a majority vote of AOps (who choose to vote) before coming into effect.
  16. Acceptance of a position in #ThinkingCafe as Founder, SOp, or AOp shall be construed as agreement with this Constitution in full.